London European Securities review

Review of products for High Net Worth Investors

Which nations are looking at the UK office property market as a wise investment?

UK Property giving the security of a wise investment


Global investors, particularly from mainland China and Hong Kong, are snapping up London office properties in anticipation the economy will make a swift recovery as the government rolls out a speedy Covid-19 vaccination programme.

“London is still seen as a safe haven and is the first choice for Hong Kong-based investors looking to diversify their assets out of Asia,” said Chris Harvey, a partner at law firm Mayer Brown London. “The UK has now drawn a line under Brexit and is actually dealing with vaccine roll-out better than the rest of Europe.”

“There is a feeling that the UK will therefore bounce back quickly once the pandemic is over,” said Harvey. The London market now looks good value in Europe, as yields are superior to cities such as Paris and Frankfurt, he added.

Our investment at London European Securities is secured against property collateral which provides more security than investments protected by the regulated investment protection schemes. “I think that tangible property security at around twice the value of an investment makes more sense for larger HNW investors than regulated protection schemes” Fund Manager, Martin Young.

A competitive and fixed interest rate, this month and every month

4 benefits of fixed-income investments

Guaranteed income

One of the main reasons fixed-income investments are so popular is because they offer a certainty that you just don’t get with stocks. From the outset, you know that you’ll receive regular interest payments at a set rate and over a set period of time. These payments are regular, too, often being handed over either once or twice every year.

By comparison, those who choose to invest in stocks get no such guarantee of a pay-out. If, for example, a company decides to reinvest its profits, it can do so, which means the stockholder won’t see a return on their investment. So, for investors that want a definite, regular income, contact London European Securities.

Capital preservation

Investors can feel confident that their investment will be safe and their money returned with fixed-income investments. For one thing, we provide a security document which gives the investor a charge over our portfolio of property assets, which are worth substantially more than the amounts the investors have committed. 


In addition to the promise of a guaranteed income, our Property portfolio can also offer investors a degree of stability. Again, all investments carry risk, and fixed income investments are no exception. But, while interest rates and inflation can cause price fluctuations, they are nowhere near as volatile as stocks. As such, property prices are far less likely to skyrocket or plummet at a moment’s notice.


Perhaps the biggest draw investors have to fixed income investments is their security. Your investment is secured against property securities that we provide directly to our investors with no upper limit to security provided.

How has the pandemic effected high street savings?

March 2021, a year on from the when COVID-19 made an impact on our lives and finances for the foreseeable future. From a financial perspective it is also a year on from the Bank of England base rate plunged to its current record low of 0.1 per cent. This decision  by the Bank of England inevitably would’ve had a knock-on effect on the way we manage our personal finances, whether we are aware of them or not. 


The cut in interest rates is there to encourage people to spend and drive a re-build in the economy and the UK is not alone in record low rates. Some countries have even cut rates to negative levels, and there are frequent rumours that the UK could do the same, to increase demand. The negative effect this has on high street saving interest rates means that according to figures from Moneyfacts, the financial data experts, state that the average easy-access rate was 0.63 per cent in March 2019, 0.56 per cent in March 2020, and is now just 0.16 per cent. The number of savings accounts available has fallen too, to 1054 from 1351 in March 2020.


How have we adapted our investments over the last year?

Low interest rates and less savings accounts have also seen an upsurge in technology being utilised by the younger generation, avoiding saving money and looking to invest. This isn’t the negative part of this but what we are seeing is these investments come at large risk because the reliance on technology and the upsurge in Crypto investments, and this is because technology makes everything “easier”. 


At London European Securities our investors are High Net Worth Individuals and Sophisticated investors but they are also guided by our experience, knowledge and consultative approach to their needs. We help make the appropriate investment with a strategy ensuring that your investment obtains a high interest return. 


Interests Rates Hit A Historical Low

Interest rates are truly historically low as world governments attempt to stimulate the economy by offering rock bottom debt. Not only is this type of government intervention subjectively ineffective, but it’s also bad news for savers. Are you a saver looking to invest your savings? If you have money in savings accounts achieving 0.10% to 1% in returns, you are probably scratching your head wondering where to invest. You are not alone in this conversation about generating income from your investments.

When interest rates are low, loans are cheap and peer to peer sites fight for loan customers. Lower interest rates mean lower returns for lenders. Why are stock market levels so high at the moment? When interest rates fall, people look for better yields and pile money into equities. 

When addressing the issue of low interest rates, the boss of Virgin Money has warned that banks could start charging for basic services if interest rates turn negative.

Chief executive David Duffy said banks would make ‘slow and incremental’ changes over the next three to five years to test which services customers are willing to pay for.

The big banks – including NatWest, Lloyds, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Halifax and Santander – hold a total of £726 billion of our savings in your easy to access account. These banks pay interest at such a low rate, barely above zero, at 0.01 per cent to loyal savers – or 10p a year on £1,000. It doesn’t take a financial expert to deduce that savers should be switching to better deals in order to boost their interest and investments.


What should you do with your savings?

With bank interest rates currently a record low and capital markets showing great volatility the London European Securities offering is attractive to HNW investors. Collective investment schemes can also often be expensive with onging management charges both at the collective and financial adviser level and also inside the underlying sub-funds, the effect of which is to further drive down yields.

Crucially there are no upfront or ongoing management charges to our investors which means that the yields that we produce are provided on a net basis. Net yields at this level offering high security we think provide some of the best returns in the market place.

Where should I invest £100,000 to generate income?

Are you a sophisticated investor that is looking for maximum returns? Keep reading to see where you should invest your savings for the highest interest rates. 

Are you considering the high street bank or online bank, or would you consider a low risk, high-interest alternative?

Currently, high street interests rates are at an all-time low, so understandably you may feel cautious when it comes to investing hard-earned money. At London European Securities we provide straight forward investment that’s secured against a portfolio of properties. This enables you to get the maximum return on your investment in a time that is like no other.

Let’s compare the high street investments with your returns against London European Securities.

Banks Interest Rates Fall

Banks offering the best rate in the fixed-rate bond chart this week was Bank of London and The Middle East (BLME) which pays an expected profit rate of 1.55% gross on its Premier Deposit Account. This five-year term account requires a £1,000 minimum deposit to open. It must be opened online and then must be managed by post. Prospective savers must also open or have a BLME transfer account to hold funds pending investment. Source: Money Facts

LES Interest Rates Beats Local Banks

By making the decision to invest with London European Securities, your money will earn a much higher return on investment. We provide interest at 5.85% for investments over a 4 year period (as of November 1st 2020). This interest is then paid to you each month, transferred directly to your bank account. Your investment is secured against property securities that we provide directly to our investors with no upper limit to the security provided. If you are concerned about protecting your capital this might be a good alternative for you to consider.

By choosing London European Securities you will benefit from our market experience, professionalism and communicative process that will achieve high monthly interest rates for you without taking unnecessary market risk. Source: LES