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Which nations are looking at the UK office property market as a wise investment?

UK Property giving the security of a wise investment


Global investors, particularly from mainland China and Hong Kong, are snapping up London office properties in anticipation the economy will make a swift recovery as the government rolls out a speedy Covid-19 vaccination programme.

“London is still seen as a safe haven and is the first choice for Hong Kong-based investors looking to diversify their assets out of Asia,” said Chris Harvey, a partner at law firm Mayer Brown London. “The UK has now drawn a line under Brexit and is actually dealing with vaccine roll-out better than the rest of Europe.”

“There is a feeling that the UK will therefore bounce back quickly once the pandemic is over,” said Harvey. The London market now looks good value in Europe, as yields are superior to cities such as Paris and Frankfurt, he added.

Our investment at London European Securities is secured against property collateral which provides more security than investments protected by the regulated investment protection schemes. “I think that tangible property security at around twice the value of an investment makes more sense for larger HNW investors than regulated protection schemes” Fund Manager, Martin Young.

A competitive and fixed interest rate, this month and every month

4 benefits of fixed-income investments

Guaranteed income

One of the main reasons fixed-income investments are so popular is because they offer a certainty that you just don’t get with stocks. From the outset, you know that you’ll receive regular interest payments at a set rate and over a set period of time. These payments are regular, too, often being handed over either once or twice every year.

By comparison, those who choose to invest in stocks get no such guarantee of a pay-out. If, for example, a company decides to reinvest its profits, it can do so, which means the stockholder won’t see a return on their investment. So, for investors that want a definite, regular income, contact London European Securities.

Capital preservation

Investors can feel confident that their investment will be safe and their money returned with fixed-income investments. For one thing, we provide a security document which gives the investor a charge over our portfolio of property assets, which are worth substantially more than the amounts the investors have committed. 


In addition to the promise of a guaranteed income, our Property portfolio can also offer investors a degree of stability. Again, all investments carry risk, and fixed income investments are no exception. But, while interest rates and inflation can cause price fluctuations, they are nowhere near as volatile as stocks. As such, property prices are far less likely to skyrocket or plummet at a moment’s notice.


Perhaps the biggest draw investors have to fixed income investments is their security. Your investment is secured against property securities that we provide directly to our investors with no upper limit to security provided.